Washable Coffee Filter – Organic Cotton


  • Reusable coffee filter for brewing machines
  • It replaces disposable paper filters
  • Made of simple and timeless material – organic cotton 🙂


  • Wash before the first use, insert into the coffee brewer with the seam outwards and fill with coffee as normally, compost the used coffee
  • Wash the filter under running water and leave to dry out


  • It can be used for a couple of times, then wash with the white laundry at 60º


  •  Material – 100% non-bleached organic muslin


Why organic cotton?

  • Organic cotton is grown in organic farms, which grow food and products under strict rules – from the seeds to the fabric making process and sewing. It is prohibited to use any toxic chemicals which could poison the labour workers and cause environmental damage.
  • Will not cause allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin.
  • Unlike synthetic materials (polyester, fleece), organic cotton does not release plastic microfibres during washing. As wastewater treatment plants cannot deal with these microfibres, they end up in rivers and seas, contaminating water and soil, causing harm to animals and sometimes ending up on our plates.

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