Cotton Snack Pouch – Casa Organica


  • washable snack pouch made of non bleached organic cotton without any plastic impermeable adjustment
  • you can change the size according your needs with the wooden button
  • simple and timeless design


  • recommending washing with gentle detergent in 60º

Why organic cotton?

  • organic cotton is grown on organic farms, which are concentrated at growing food according strictly given rules – from the seeds till the fabric making process and sewing. It is prohibited to use any toxic chemicals which can poison the labour workers and damage environment.
  • it does not cause allergic reactions when wearing.
  • during the washing process, it does not loosen any plastic microfibers which the water purification plants cannot catch. It means that these micro-plastics contaminate the ground and the water, harms the animals and even ends up on our plates.


  • material – 100% non-bleached organic cotton with the GOTS certificate


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