Set of 6 Reusable Cotton Pads – Justine Le Guil


  • set of 6 organic cotton reusable makeup remover pads with upcycled bag
  • handcrafted in Dublin by lovely Justine Le Guill
  • great alternative to classic disposable cotton pads which end up in the landfill all the time as opposed to reusable ones which last for years
  • the pads are made of fleece and they are incredibly soft!
  • every bag is different as it’ s all made of upcycled material 🙂

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  • use to remove your makeup/ apply micellar water, lotion…
  • dimensions: 8 X 8 cm
  • colour: white 
cotton fabric and cotton thread: Both certified organic (GOTS)


  • care Instructions:
    • wash before use.
    • maximum 40 degrees
    • dry flat.

Justine’ s tip:When you remove your make-up (especially waterproof mascara), It’s advised to pre-wash the pads with soap in order to avoid stains. Then, wash your cotton pads in the washing machine as usual.

! Slight variations in size and shape may occur. These natural materials may shrink slightly during the first wash. Wash cool and avoid tumble drying to minimise shrinkage. !


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