Reusable Cosmetic Pads – Velvet – Set of 2 Small


  • Soft and gentle cosmetic pads made of organic cotton with a diameter of 7 cm
  • Both sides are velvet
  • Set of 2
  • It will replace hundreds of make-up removing disposable pads which are often bleached with chlorine

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  • Use: Wet and use with your cleanser of choice. Once used, clean as below
  • Clean: wash with light coloured laundry at 60º, if removing mascara, treat with olive oil laundry soap with lemon extract/ gall soap or other handwash soap first. Wash with other laundry afterwards. Do not use laundry softener.


Why organic cotton?

  • Organic cotton is grown in organic farms, which grow food according to strict rules – from the seeds, to the fabric making process and sewing. It is prohibited to use any toxic chemicals which can poison labour workers and damage the environment
  • It does not cause allergic reactions
  • During the washing process, it does not loose any plastic microfibers as it’s a natural material


  • Material: 100% GOTS certified cotton
  • Made in India
  • Manufacturer: Casa Organica


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