Olive Oil Soap with Lemon Extract


  • this Olive Oil Soap with lemon extract is perfect as a stain remover or as a base for homemade detergents
  • it does not contain any palm oil or animal products
  • a perfect alternative of well-known gall soap and therefore suitable for vegans



  • the soap is made of 100% olive oil with the add of lemon extract which has natural whitening effect


  • great for organic stains (fat from food, juice of fruit and vegetables, grass … ). Treat before wash.
  • suitable for hand-wash of gentle laundry such as silk, wool or kids clothing.
  • be aware of stains with protein origin such blood or dairy products – it is necessary to treat the clothing in cold water. Proteins naturally decrease their size in cold water and it is not possible to remove them afterwards.


  • ingredients: > 30% soap of olive oil, >5% lemon extract, sodium chloride
    • it does not contain palm oil (sodium palmate), synthetic perfumes, colourants or any other additives


  • weight: 200 g


  • keep out of reach of children


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