Gift Set: The Green House Washkit


Introducing the Green Outlook Gift set range! Each one has hand picked items by myself (Fiona) that I love and think make the perfect gift for you or for a loved one. These sets feature a number of Irish made products and promote plastic free, handmade, natural and sustainable care. You or your friend might be doing your best to reduce your waste so these sets are designed with that in mind.

Packaged in a brown FSC certified box and shipped plastic free like all Green Outlook orders. This gift giving season can be an opportunity to spread awareness of amazing eco-friendly options. I love the plastic free items at Green Outlook and I hope your loved ones will too. Have a sustainable Christmas with a Green Outlook gift set!

This set of 5 products is ideal for a busy household or to help someone kick start that plastic free bathroom routine.

  • Sisal Soap Pouch– The sisal soap pouch is 100% biodegradable. Use it as a loofah, to hang and dry soap or as a soap tray. Machine washable.
  • Multipack Bamboo Toothbrushes – 4 Medium Adult bamboo toothbrushes. 100% biodegradable handles, made from moso bamboo. This 4 pack with different colours contributes to 4 selected charities.
  • Walnut Soap Dish–  A beautifully handcrafted walnut wooden soap dish. Made in West Cork from reclaimed wood. This soap dish is oiled and ready for use in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink.
  • Wooden Nail Brush– Nail brush for active hands and fingers. Made from certified wood and agave bristles.
  • 100 Cotton Swabs– Made from bamboo and organic cotton, 100% biodegradable

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