Eco Femme Organic Day Pad

10.00 inc. Vat

  • Reusable menstrual pad great for your average flow day
  • 100% unbleached organic cotton
  • made in a social enterprise – Eco Femme
  • with every Day Pad purchase you contribute 1 cloth pad for a girl in India trough Pad for Pad programme

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“Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. Based in Tamil Nadu, India, our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering.

We produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.”

  • great as a gift- comes in a beautiful paper packaging
  • with a good care, your pad will last 5 years or more


Food for thoughts:

  • Did you know that disposable menstrual products are often bleached with chlorine?  Chlorine produces dioxins which can cause cancer or developmental, immunological or even reproductive effects.
  • Many women experience allergies when using disposables.
  • Every woman generate throughout her menstruating career about 150 kg of disposable waste!
  •  1 disposable pad is equal to 4 plastic bags and takes up to 800 years to decompost!


How to use:

  • soak used pads in cold water, wash by hand or in machine at 40° or less
  • dry on the washing line for the best results (preferably in direct sunlight) or tumble dry on low heat
  • use as any other menstrual pads
  • with a Gould care, it will last for at least 5 years 🙂


Detailed information:

  • 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton
  • Stitched in one piece
  • Top layer: cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour
  • Inner layers: 5 layers cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour
  • Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL in pink and white pattern
  • Closes with one nickel-free metal push button
  • 24cm length x 7cm width when closed
  • made in India


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