Binchotan Charcoal – Water Purifier, Black + Blum

7.50 inc. Vat

  • natural & easy way to purify your water
  • makes water taste great
  • pre-washed, ready to use
  • can be used in any reusable bottle
  • recommended 1 stick per 1l
  • price €6,50/ 1 pc


!!!! this product comes in a plastic wrap (the sticks are vacuum foiled individually) but it will last up to 6 months !!!

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Why use Binchotan Charcoal?

  • Japanese have been purifying their water this way for centuries
  • Binchotan Charcoal is an active carbon made from tree branches, renowned for its ability to soften water, adds good minerals + absorbs unwanted tastes & odours (e.g. chlorine)


How to use it:

  • The stick is already washed, therefore just fill up your water bottle/ carafe and wait for the charcoal to filter impurities coming from the water. The best is to leave it overnight, but you can taste the difference already after one hour.


In time, you will notice a decrease on the water taste. You can “recharge” it by boiling it for 10 minutes. It washes out the impurities absorbed. Some people are more sensitive and may therefore notice the decline in taste before 3 months, but it’ s absolutely fine to boil it at this stage too. The total life span is about 6 months or unless it delivers the desired effect when it means that it is working J


If the charcoal is broken, it still works the same 🙂


Please, note:

  • Do not wash with soapy water, the charcoal is already washed
  • Do not use with fruits, cordials or any flavoured teas.
  • Occasionally you may notice tiny particles in the water. There is no need to be alarmed: it will do no harm to you if you swallow them (active charcoal tablets are prescribed to treat diarrhoea, digestion and flatulence).


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