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Our Christmas


Our Christmas

Hi all. 

Hope you’ ve had an amazing Christmas time and that you really managed to take it easier and enjoy. 

With Milan, we were selfish and ran away. Ran away from the stress around “compulsory visits”, big shopping madness and rather booked a cottage on the west coast and disappeared. 4 years back, before I came to Ireland and met Milan, with my parents and sisters we would spend a couple of days in the Jeseniky Mountains in the Czech Republic. We would leave the 24th earlier in the morning and just enjoyed our favourite little hotel and their amazing food. During Christmas, we would not travel much and just enjoyed ourselves, the snow, the nature. 

My first Christmas in Ireland I spent with Milan and other friends from the share house, the second ones we managed to get home and to the mountains and Milan fell in love with the idea of disappearing for Christmas. Our previous holiday we did not manage to go home and instead organized a big party. We figured that it was not really for us as we had found it too stressful. 

This year, we did it all a bit differently. Quite last minute we managed to book ourselves a lovely cottage on the west coast – in our probably most favourite part of Ireland – Connemara. We stayed 2 nights in the middle of nowhere. In a tiny house with fireplace, woollen blankets and cosy atmosphere. We walked a lot. In the bogs, on the roads and paths.  We found some hidden sandy beach, ate a lot of food, even managed to find an open restaurant, watched a lot of movies and slept tons of hours. We just were…. 

Where we stayedCleggan Farm Holiday Cottages– Josephine greeted us very warmly and we could not complain at all about the fully equipped cottage itself, area, comfort and cleanliness. Also. Recycling and waste management concept absolutely top! 

What we walked: 

  • the area of Cleggan Farm– there is a lovely beach just about 30 min walk through the fields and some ruins of an old lighthouse just on the top of the hill above the farm. 

  • To Cleggan Village itself – there is a Seafood bar – we didn’t eat there as we had been after lunch already but Milan said that their Irish coffee was great 

  • Diamond Hill– in Letterfrack is a must. We couldn’ t go all the way to the top as it was too windy but there are alternatives. In Letterfrack, there is a lovely restaurant called Clover Fox, so if you are not a vegetarian, definitely pop in. 

  • The Green Road – Killary Bay– you will start just by Killary Sheep Farm and continue all the way on the coast until you reach the area of Killary Harbour Hostel. Don’ t be scared that the official road on google maps finishes just behind the Killary Fjord Shellfish. There is. It might be a bit muddy, but it’ s definitely worth it. You will pass a lot of ruins, might jump a bit, follow the sheeps but you will have a lovely view all the time. The next part is about 10 k on the road all the way back which we found a bit long and boring at the end even though there were beautiful lakes. One where Oscar Wilde spent some time long time ago too…  We regretted that we didn’t take the shortcut through the hill which would drop us just by the ruins and we would have had it shorter maybe about 5 k. Well, it was still a really nice walk and we slept more than well afterwards anyway. Just take some food and water as we didn’t see anything to eat at all.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed a bit and we gave you some idea. How did you celebrate your Christmas? Did you have a good time? Let us know down in the comment, we are dying to know! 

Take it easy folks and don’ t forget to chill!

Happy New Year <3. 


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