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Our 9 tips for low-waste Christmas presents


Our 9 tips for low-waste Christmas presents

Hi all.

Hope that you are doing really well and don’ t stress out too much with Christmas. It is the holiday of being together, joy, slowing down and a lot of lovely food. So take it easy, ok? I don’ t say to ignore it – not at all.

I don’ t know about you, but I love giving presents and I love receiving presents too. But. I love the ones made with love, the ones that are honest and “conscious”. The older I am, the more I appreciate the simplest stuff and actually a full day off, just with Milan,  would be the biggest and most thoughtful present under the Christmas tree :). What are your thoughts for Christmas?


Remember. What you like does not mean that others will love it too. Better buy something small and useful or create something, rather than giving something that would just be catching dust on a shelf. There is no need to buy to your loved one a cookbook, even if it is a great one, if the person hates cooking.. So be thoughtful, ok? And remember, more is less :).


From our own experience…

  1. Edible presents are the best! – once you put your time, joy and creativity into it, it will taste even better! Make a granola, some gingerbreade or eggnog. Find a lovely jar, put the lovely foo/ drink in it, decorate. You have it! And if you are not into making something, in a lot of lovely local business, you can find great handcrafted jams, peanut butters, syrups… J

  1. Experiences/ trips away – well, with wood, it could be no. 1. If you can, book your tickets or just travel Ireland in the car. Walk/ cycle if you are into it all days long and discover. You would be surprised how many hidden picturesque corners there are in Ireland.


  1. Vouchers – Create a little booklet– what about breakfast in bed? Morning without alarm? Picnic? – it can be anything that comes inti your mind!


  1. Photo book / photo frame– well, this is not as eco-friendly, but, I know ourselves that if we don’ t have some pictures printed, we will probably never go through them again .I used to print tons of them, now I concentrate at the really good ones and I would have maybe a 50 pages scrapbook full of pictures which I get printed straight away at So instead of printing pictures separately, buying an album,, I do this. It takes less space and actually looks 100% better J. Or if you are up to it, create something digital – like a video.. J)


And now something a bit more materialistic – without even telling people how conscious and great for the environment it is, it will definitely have a success :).


  1. Bamboo/ stainless steel straws – I found that kids look at it like something exciting that you don’ t need to throw them out – they should actually teach us :).


  1. Bamboo cutlery/ spork – no weight in the bag and tons of plastic saved!


  1. Stainless steel box/ bottle – it’ s an investment, but lasts forever!


  1. Handmade cosmetics – soaps, lip balms, bath soaks – have you discovered our lovely selection of Sana Naturals, Three Hills Soap, Justine Le Guil, Warrior Botanicals or Zero Waste Path Shop yet? Honestly, their products are an addiction – simple & minimal!


  1. String bags – our grandmas remember and ask for them. They look great, are made of organic cotton and sustainably. They do not take any space and can carry a lot – up to 10 kg. They are strong and accompany you or your loved ones when shopping or doing other activities all the time <3.


Hope you found it helpful. Don’t stress out and enjoy the Christmas period. Be conscious, prefer quality over quantity, support local and look at the person what he would really like and made a great use of. Add a lovely note. Be creative <3.


And if you have any tip, let me know down in the comments!


Have a lovely day folks.




P.S.  – have you ever tried old newspapers as a wrapping paper? Use an old fashioned string, some little benches fallen on the street.  And.. have a look at Fairy Land Cottage Youtube channel – for some zero waste Christmas tips :)). You are welcome.

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