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Our 10 tips how living low-waste & sustainably can save you a lot of money


Our 10 tips how living low-waste & sustainably can save you a lot of money

We’ ve got only one planet Earth and therefore we should respect her and behave to her kindly. I’ ve tried to make a list of our 10 tips of how we keep our impact low. Of course, there are many ways! And we are not perfect neither (we still travel quite a lot). Just pick the tips that suit you and make your own list. Give us some hints too down in the comment section, please!

  1. refill you water bottle – at work, in college, anywhere. My Made Sustained knight bottle has travelled the world with me this summer and I am not able to count how many plastic bottles it has saved!

  1. make your coffee at home – get your top one in your favourite coffee shop and anytime you feel so, in the morning, make yourself a coffee in your favourite cup and take it with you. Enjoy.

&  Keep your reusable cup with you – and if you want a coffee to go, get it in your own. Most of the coffee shops offer 20-50 c discount when bringing your cup. Our KeepCups have been joining us anywhere we go. College, work, roadtrips, hikes, walks, … They have seen some part of the world too…

Have you ever thought about compostable cups?  Usually, they are not even composted and they end up in the landfill !!


  1. use what you have– don’ t get a new tapperware if you still have some in good condition. Use butter/ soft-cheese/ take-away containers … Be creative! Once you are ready for a big purchase. Make it. Remember. Quality over quantity.
  • cut your old non-wearable t-shirts to create some make up remover rounds, old pillow cases as a produce bags.. And if you are good with stitching, fair play to you! If not, there are many classes available on YouTube/ Skillshare.
  • use jars from pickles for your staples – I know, we all love the stylish Mason Jars… But we would say… the normal ones are imperfectly perfect.
  • and you know what? Shortly before starting this shop, Milan made a lot of produce bags from some cotton cloth which had been lying around for months… And we still use them. #upcycling
  • once you are done with a certain product, just find a more sustainable option.

  1. walk/ cycle as much as you can– IT CAN BE OFTEN QUICKER. For me, cycling to college saves me an hour daily if compare to driving each day to college, which is ~ 6 km away from my house. And not even talking about the money! ** Disclaimer: we have no public transport available!

**Of course, we drive sometimes. If we need to do a huge food shopping or when the weather is just so bad. It can be cruel too. But, do your best. And you know what? It must be super easy to run from work. No? Confirmed by Milan!


  1. plan your food– ok. Make a coffee, sit down and write down a list of the dishes you are going to eat in the next few days and make a list of all of the ingredients you will need.


  • seriously buy only what you need
  • shop local – find your closest veg man/ butcher .. you know the best.. We could not survive without Mynooth Organics.
  • search for paper/ cardboard packaging rather than plastic
  • buy in bulk
  • look at the food waste section too J


What we’ ve found:

  • chopped tomatoes (Tesco, Organic) in TetraPack instead of cans
  • rice available in paper bag in Polish shops
  • honey, agave/ maple/ date syrup is mostly in the glass
  • if you feel like drinking something fizzy, get a can/ glass
  • cheese/ ham/ meat – bring your own containers (we’ ve been able to get cheese into our own tapperware in polish shops) – we don’ t really do it as this is not what we eat normally, just when we need it for our friends/ families visiting us J
  • milk – is getting more available in glass
  • nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, chickpeas, rice ….– if you have an Asian shop nearby, set out for a journey. There is a lot of stuff covered in plastic, but you can get 2 kg packages filled with legumes, nuts, seeds, spices.. So, if you are able to use it, go for it. It will turn out to be so much cheaper + you will only have 1 bag instead of 4 (1 x 2 kg bag full of beans rather than 4x 500 g) and it’ s worth even in terms of resources (it will need less than buying canned food all the time)


  • if we are not around Minimal Waste Grocery / Bring Your Own/Bare Necessities – we do stock our pantry essentials in the Asian shops. It works for us quite well as we cook everything from scratch.
  • we make our own granola, oat milk, bread
  • we cook bigger quantities of food so we are sorted for a couple of days and if there is anything extra, we freeze it for the lazy days
  • we’ ve done a compromise of getting our veg from our favorite farmer + the rest unpackaged/ from yellow labelled section in the supermarkets.
  • ok, don’ t forget to avoid your own food waste at home, ok? There’ s no need to peel potatoes, carrots… ->> save your time and just scrub it properly! We actually usethe replacement head


  1. get solid– solid shampoo bar/ soap – let it dry properly after use and it will last you for a really long time + no more plastic bottles occupying your bathroom. You can move there. You can breath. Jupi jej.


** you would be surprised what miracles can make our pure olive oil soap


  1. no more super expensive cleaning products– you need some hot water with washing-up liquid (you can make your own/ get a refill/ get a bigger container), vinegar, soda, essential oil… check our blog for some recipes too… Simplicity over everything, right?


  1. discover local– so many secret places hidden in each area of Ireland! No need to travel far away… Oh, dear Wicklow…


  1. buy second hand or sustainable products – charity shops are big boxes filled with treasure!


  1. don’ t take it to the extreme! Be happy and the example you would love to follow <3

And what are your tips for low-waste/ simple lifestyle?

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