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Purifying our water is something, that we have been struggling with. We used to use Britta for nearly two years, but we got annoyed with the amount of trash that remained afterwards + we did not really notify any change of the taste anymore so we left it + it is not the most budget friendly thing too. But, we have noticed this – the magical Binchotan Charcoal stick which you just throw into your water and it will do all you need. Could this be more simple?


Binchotan Charcoal is an active carbon made of tree branches. This little thing softens water, removes unwanted taste & odours and as a benefit and little gift also adds good minerals for you.  Japanese have been using this method for centuries!


How to use it:

You will get your charcoal already washed, so just throw it into your reusable water bottle/ carafe filled with tap drinking water. Use 1 stick per 1 l and leave overnight. However, it will taste different already after about 10 minutes :)) .


You will notice a decrease of the taste in time. This will happen after about 3 months. Now, Simply recharge it by boiling for 10 minutes so it will wash out the impurities absorbed. Done. Just let it dry.



  • when washing your water bottle, always take the charcoal out.
  • do not wash with soapy water, the charcoal is already washed
  • do not use with fruits, cordials or any flavoured teas.
  • occasionally you may notice tiny particles in the water. There is no need to be alarmed: it will do no harm to you if you swallow them (active charcoal tablets are prescribed to treat diarrhoea, digestion and flatulence).


what to do after 6 months:

  • break it and add to the soil of your plants to give them some nutrients J
  • works great as a deodorant too:
    • removes odours from the cat litter
    • your laundry basket
    • for shoes
  • if putting into your wardrobe, the charcoal will absorb humidity

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