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Hi all.

There are many ways how we can reduce our footprint on our lovely planet and we do not even need to be rich. I just want to let you know that we are not perfect at all.

Eliminate what we need and look at quality over the quantity turns out to be incredibly cheap. Now let’ s see what I managed to push through in my household.

Reusable cups

Well. That one was easy. Since I got a flask from my husband and we started to use keep-cups on regular basis, it saved tons of money. Let’ s say, that you buy 2 coffees per day, it will make you 10 coffees per working week -> around 80 cups/ month and multiple it by the amount of months and the amount of people. The number is crazy, not? We love our keep cups too and it is getting more and more usual that you will get a discount when bringing your own. I personally prefer the small one, Milan likes the 12 oz one. What’ s yours?


Bar soaps instead of shower creams.

I have been using bar soaps for a while now and I like the trend that they are becoming more and more popular. My favorite one is Calendula from Three Hills Soap which is made with so much love. My skin is delighted and does not require any extra hydration (cream/ coconut oil) at all.


Wooden Washing Up Brush.

This is a must. I have had mine since last summer and I haven’ t had to change the replacement head yet. And we’ ve been using it a lot. We use the replacement head to scrub our veggies too. You can compost it when it does not serve well any more.


Reusable Bags.

Yes. They are must. You can get them in plenty of sizes or just simply make your own. You can have. a look at the here,


Shop local.

Local veg stores, farmers – they captivates me. I like visiting Maynooth Organics for salads and eggs. This guy loves his tiny farm and you can really taste it. Where we also like to get our produce is Newbarn Farm. If you have time, visit their restaurant too. They really know how to cook with passion.

Shopping other groceries as legumes, dairy products, meat, nuts and seeds, dried fruit can be debatable. Lucky those who live close to the stores offering refilling options!

Unfortunately, most of the things come in plastic and unless you live in Dublin, there is basically no chances how you could shop in bulk in the sense of avoiding packaging.  I tried to travel to get these things, but at the end I ended up helping anyone. So, we found a compromise. **Please note, we eat plant based diet. We stock up once in a couple of months with rice (5 kg) and plenty of legumes from an Asian store. We buy big packs of nuts (1- 2 kg) and seeds as we eat them daily. Our local health store offers ECOPLAZA products (such as millet, quinoa and other grains), but this is not a sustainable solution neither.

For cleaning, I buy vinegar (10% from Polish store) and I use baking soda. In regular supermarket, you can get 0.5 kg pack in the baking section. I have plenty of recipes for household which some of them I use every time and some of them occasionally. They are not difficult and they are easy and very cheap to make – such as laundry powder, dishwasher powder, washing up liquid, toothpaste, mouthwash…. But this is to be continued.

If you are not into making your own body products – check out our shop :)) – we offer everything in recyclable or reusable packaging and if you wish, you can send it t our back.


Reusable cotton pads.

I got mine when I went to visit Lisbon in a local zero waste shop. It was in January. Before, I would be using around 4 pads/ day ->> 120 pads/ a month ->> that’ s a lot, right? Again, make your own or have a look in our store.


There are plenty of other ways how I have saved a lot.

  • using the empty side of old notes which would otherwise ended up in the recycling bin
  • not using bin bags
  • if using highlighter, buying only the colours I use – e.g. 2 instead of the pack of 4
  • using laptop during the lecture and printing off just the final version/ what is needed
  • buying only diary filling
  • using stainless pen
  • bringing reusable bottles everywhere
  • having snacks always with me or at least a cotton bag so I can stop by in a bakery
  • and I forgot completely about single used!
  • I keep the jars from jams/ pesto and refill them with whatever I need or use them instead of plastic boxes for storage or for making my own jams or chutneys.

I could continue. It is not difficult at all when concentrating on what we already have. Upcycling is in now. Finally! So, let’ s get into it.

And how are you reducing your waste?


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