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Announcement + ZW travelling + ZW shopping in Prague and everywhere else


Announcement + ZW travelling + ZW shopping in Prague and everywhere else

Hi all.


As you might have already noticed, I (Adela) am not currently in Ireland. It’ s because I am staying with my family back in the Czech Republic for a couple of weeks and Milan (my other half) is minding the shop more than well. He is cycling as crazy to deliver your goodies in time.He is picking me up in the north of Poland soon and we are heading off to enjoy our holiday too so the shop will be closed for two weeks. We are fully back on Monday 6.8. + We have so many plans and events we would like to attend in our heads! STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!


How are you guys enjoying your holiday? What are your plans?


In meantime, I would like to share some ZW tips and products which have been helping me out reducing my impact while travelling and staying with my non-ZW family :).


**Honestly, all of my habits have become automatic and I would feel weird not to act accordingly.


  1. Water bottle– I would not leave my house without. I love that you can fill it up at the Dublin airport after the control. At the railway station in Prague, it was not possible to fill it up in the bathrooms (they had hot water only) so I went to “Potrefena Husa” (a restaurant), bought a coffee to my reusable cup and asked to fill up my water bottle. No problem at all!



  1. String bag + produce bags– So far, I have had no problem with anyone. I ask automatically to put my fresh produce/ bakery into them or take the plastic bag away (e.g. bread at the farmers’ markets), so they can reuseit somewhere else. When weighting my fruit & veg, they tend to take a bag, trying to put the produce in, but I have always refused and they were fine. The bags have of course a lot of use too. I always put my snacks into one so my bag is not so messy.

  1. Spork & cork– because you never know!
  2. Keep Cup– it can have multiple uses too. I went to a veg bar and did not count on it that day. I found some old lunch boxes at my dad’ s work, however I gave them my KeepCup for soup and they loved it. They also asked me straight away where I was able to get it.
  3. Stainless steel boxes (or any other lunch boxes you have) – My favourite boxes are the round ones with silicone lidbecause they are leak-proof and once I am finished with the food from all of them, they take no space. I also use small rectangular fully stainless. Both from Made Sustained.

I brought my food on the board, washed all of the boxes in a hostel and they were ready to use again in a farmers’ markets which we met absolutely accidentally with my mum… Something was telling me that…  And you know what. Sometimes you don’t need to go to a ZW shop to find something loose. IT IS NORMAL (used to be) to get your food loose!!!


  • I found some lentils this way. The shop assistant loved the boxes!


There are also other things which are great to have with you such:


And now, let’ s get to the bathroom…

  1. pure olive oil soap (castile soap)– I picked this one because I can use it to hand-wash my laundry too. And you know what? It managed to remove stains from raspberries too!


  1. Half of a shampoo bar– with Milan, we have been using Rosemary, from Zero Waste Path Shop. The smell is just so amazing!


  • Soap + Shampoo Bars are amazing for travelling – they do not take any space and they do not need to be in your plastic bag with liquids at the airport.


  1. Facial cream + coconut oil– I have been using Skin Food from Weleda for good few months now. It comes in a recyclable tube.


  1. Safety razor – do not take the blade on the board! If travelling lightweight, you will need to get it in a first shop you will see 😀


  1. Soft Bamboo Toothbrush Mama Natura– because we just love them!


  1. Georganics Tea Tree Toothpaste– I filled up some old little jar from a facial cream I used to use. Anyway, we are now stocking 60 ml sizes of toothpastes too J


  1. Georganics Mint Mouthwash Tablets– absolutely fab!


  1. Dental floss


  1. Reusable Cotton Pads– just wash them with soap after use J


  1. Sunscreen – with Milan, we use Shade All-Natural Sunscreen which comes in a tin. It is not vegan, but it is made only with 4 ingredients and it works really well! (We’ ve tried it during our hikes in the heatwave too. ) and it is not tested on animals


** Zero Waste is not about perfectionism. I am staying with my parents who do not really live the way we do with Milan. But there are some steps I can do so I can help them out to eliminate the trash without lecturing and blaming.


  1. Preparing snacks– their garden is full of berries which only need to be picked. In a local health store, I can get a lot of good quality nuts, seeds and dried fruit. No need to get ready mixes.


  1. Bringing lunch boxes for deli section– it’ s a common habit that you can get freshly sliced ham, cheese, spreads in deli sections which are in nearly every single. I do not personally eat it but I can get it for them this way.

  1. Using produce bags for bakery, fruit and veg (even though, we do not really get much, as we get everything either from my mums’/ grandmas’ garden including eggs)


  1. Walking – I do not want to drive in the CR (honestly, I am scared) but I found everything in walking distance. My little sister is not used to it, but she seems to like it! (and at least she sleeps like a baby 😀


The sad thing is, it all used to be “normal”. With Milan, we believe that THIS IS ALL NORMAL and that WE ALL ARE THE CHANGE :). 





Bez Obalu (both still in the centre)

  • Bělehradská 96 Praha 2, 120 00 (very small, hidden in a yard)
  • Pod Kaštany 5, Praha 6, 160 00 (self-service), all you need including fresh bread, crackers, cakes, deli, cosmetics…)

Nebaleno– ZW equipment

  • Jaromírova 726/15, Praha 2 – Nusle


Where to eat:

  • Cukrarna Mysak– lovely food & amazing staff and the best coffee in Prague <3, just behind St. Venceslav Square J(710/31 Vodičkova, Nové Město, 110 00)
  • Café Moment– amazing vegan bar, quite hidden, but still in the walking distance from the main railway station J(Slezská 62, 120 00 Praha 2)


Everywhere then…

  • There are also farmer’ s markets wherever you look. Just be ready. If you don’t have your produce bags, no worries, put it all into one bag 🙂
  • You can get loose tea & coffee nearly in every little town, check a local health store too
  • Small health stores generally sell loose nuts, dried fruits… (in Prague, I have seen it in metro underground too)
  • Bakeries are everywhere!
  • 100% recycled toilet paper is being sold in single units too in every shop
  • a lot of classic groceries (pasta, rice, beans, lentils…) can be easily found in a paper bag

Ok folks, hope it’ s all helpful (at least a bit). Enjoy the summer time!

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