We select our brands carefully as we want to make sure that we sell the stuff that we stand for and that we would use/ use it ourselves. We choose the brands which share the same values as we do including in terms of packaging. We do our best to ensure that the packaging used is fully compostable, recyclable or reused. If this does not happen (non of us is perfect) we bring awareness to them and try to help them encourage less wasteful habits. You will not receive anything from us that would not be compostable or recyclable in the packaging.

The brands we are currently stocking up:

  • Abeego
  • A Slice of Green
  • BaliBoo
  • Bambu
  • Casa Organica
  • Eco Femme
  • Elephant Box
  • Georganics
  • Justine Le Guil
  • Keep Cup
  • Mama Natura
  • Made Sustained
  • OrganiCup
  • Re-Sack
  • Sana Naturals
  • Three Hills Soap
  • U-Konserve
  • Tierra Verde
  • Warrior
  • Zero Waste Path Shop

If you know about any brand we could be interested in, let us know at info@greenoutlook.ie