I select the brands I work with carefully. I want to make sure that I sell the stuff that I stand for and that I would use myself.

I choose brands which share the same values as I do about protecting the natural environment and caring for our bodies. I do my best to ensure that the packaging used by suppliers is fully compostable, recyclable or reused. If this does not happen I work with the Supplier to use better forms of shipping and packing. Each Green Outlook delivery will be packaged in recycled, compostable or recyclable materials.


I am very proud to work with a number of Irish Suppliers and I hope to continue to expand the Green Outlook range over time.

The brands I currently stock include:

·        Amazinc!

·    Bambooth (Irish designed)

·      Bioblo (sourced in Ireland)  

·    Black & Blum (Sourced in Ireland)

·        Blue Bridge House (Irish)

·        Casa Organica

·    Ecostraws (Irish)

·        Georganics

·        Hanna’s Bee wraps (Irish)

·    Hawthorn Natural Skincare (Irish)

·    Hydrophil (Sourced in Ireland)

·        ilo

·        Justine Le Guil (Irish)

·        Keep Cup (Sourced in Ireland)

·        Mama Natura

·        Naked Necessities

·        Narcissips (Irish)

·        OrganiCup

·     Other Mother Creations (Irish)

·    Kooshoo

·       Rokai

·    Roza Natural Cosmetics (Irish)

·    Soap Out Loud (Irish)

·    Sophie’s Soaps (Irish)

·   Stabilo (Sourced in Ireland)

·    The Soap Room (Irish)

·       Three Hills Soap (Irish)

·       Tierra Verde

·    Upcircle  

·        Warrior Botanicals (Irish)

·        Wild Atlantic Wood (Irish)

If you know about any brand I could be interested in, let me know at info@greenoutlook.ie