We are wanderers & travelers. We enjoy mountains and (Irish) wilderness.

The more time we spend in the nature, the more we realize how important it is to protect it. The incredible amount of trash surrounding us has become more obvious. Everything packed and madewith unnecessary plastic!

We are not 100% zero waste, since it is not possible. There will always be a waste. However, weknow that we can make a HUGE CHANGE when taking little steps.  Every of them counts.

There is a way how to create a sustainable lifestyle in any field. Adela is a full-time student pursuing her degree in Law & Spanish, Milan fixes phones & computers, so there’ s no need to get a new one!

We believe that the movement Zero Waste is a perfect way how to create a community of like-minded people who can make a bigger impact than we are able to realize both for the nature and for yourself. We believe in sustainability. We love and believe in our local farmer who grows the best greens you can dream about. We believe in our suppliers.

We started our tiny store because we weren’t able to find what we needed in our area unpackaged, cruelty-free, plastic-free, sustainable & natural at the same time. We are based in Maynooth,Co. Kildare. We also offer personal collection as same as delivery in and within 20 km from Maynooth via bicycle! We want to provide you with all of the basics you might need for your zero-waste/ low-waste lifestyle.

So let’ s make a big change together. Let’ s give some GREEN OUTLOOK to Ireland again. For the nature, for yourself.

♥ Adela & Milan

P.S. Download our guide for free !! – just click on the following link 🙂 – Our Little Guide of Sustainability – Green Outlook