Hi everyone,

My name’s Fiona and I’m a 28 year old Corkonian living in Kildare.

In 2018 the renewable energy company with whom I worked closed down and I lost my job. I went travelling for 5 months and visited 10 countries.

I became aware of how our daily lifestyle choices impacted the environment and I vowed to change my ways. Since my return I’ve continuously made changes towards living more sustainably. I’ve switched up my diet, cut down on single use plastic and changed my shopping habits.

When I returned to Ireland I noticed how difficult it was to get plastic free alternatives. Especially now that I lived in the shticks, having lived in Dublin for 6 years prior to this.

And so Green Outlook Ireland was born. I want to provide you with plastic free, natural and sustainable alternatives for your body and home. I hope to inspire you to join me on this journey to living in balance with earth’s resources.

I’ll be constantly sourcing you the best new products from top notch suppliers. If you’ve any plastic swapping suggestions feel free to reach out to me.

Have a browse and check out my Instagram for more tips and chats.